Vite + _____

Vite, “Next Generation Frontend Tooling” from Evan You, has been capturing a lot of attention. I’ve heard rave reviews from developers, even in private chats (you gotta try this!). Being from Evan, Vite works great with Vue, but Vue doesn’t seem to be the only first-class citizen of Vite. The plugins support Vue and React just the same and it looks like configurations for lit, Preact, and Svelte are easy.

It’s interesting to see other technologies try to get on the bandwagon, almost certainly for the wicked speed. I believe it uses esbuild, which is known for speed, for… some things?… under the hood, but not bundling. Just noting some of this bandwagon stuff happening like…

Sam Richard making Eleventy work with Vite.Ben Holmes made Slinkity, which “duct-tapes” (see Smashing article) Eleventy and Vite together. Michael Shilman makes Storybook work with Vite.Fred K. Schott notes that Astro has moved to Vite. Anthony Fu has a “starter pack” called Vitesse that smashes together lots of opinionated tools all together with Vite.There are sandboxes starting to use it, like StackBlitz, and Replit is clearly stoked about it.Vue-specific projects are moving to it, for example a Vite-specific Nuxt and Vite-specific VuePress.

Hey, people like speed and good DX. Always worth noting when you see this much movement.

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