Some Typography Links VIII

Do you know what to use the @ sign for something other than email addresses and Twitter handles? I do! —  Pawel Grzybek notes how some old physical typewriters had an “Arroba” on them which was represented with the @ sign.Atkinson Hyperlegible Font — The Braille Institute is giving away this font that “focuses on letterform distinction to increase character recognition, ultimately improving readability.” The page itself is set in it so you can get a taste for it just by going there. Looks nice to me. Sorta evokes a slab serif without actually being one?Marvel Character or Font? — 14/20 and I think I fat-fingered one. Proxima Midnight?! C’mon! Firefox 92 — Ruth John notes that Firefox now supports font-size-adjust in CSS, as well as size-adjust (which you can only use within a @font-face rule). The point is jiggering your fonts such that if a user sees FOUT at all, there is little reflow jank when the custom font loads. In theory, it makes perfect font fallbacks easier. Typography for Data — Michael Yom has to re-evalute the type styles in a design system to accomodate some some components with fairly dense/complex type needs. Improving the New York Times’ line wrap balancer — Daniel Aleksandersen: “A text wrapping balancer is a program that tries to more evenly distribute words over multiple lines. There are at least two dozen algorithms used to achieve this.” This new one is faster than Adobe’s popular one.Line length revisited: following the research — Mary Dyson goes deep. Apparently most of the older research on this was based on print, which, I hope we all know by now, just ain’t the same as a digital screen. We might be able to go a little longer, but as with anything, it depends.

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